Dissertation Complete Coaching Reviews – What My Clients Are Saying


Below is a sampling of reviews from my dissertation coaching clients from universities around the world. Nothing makes me happier than helping doctoral and masters students finish their dissertations and graduate! If you have a dissertation coach review of our work together you’d like to share, please contact me.

Dr. Cara is the real deal. I would not have persevered after my setback with my committee without her support and empowering encouragement. She provides a safe space to explore challenges to both process and content, always with good humour and empathetic warmth.

We have worked together for nearly a year to get to the glorious finish line!

– Melissa R., University of Amsterdam

Thank you again for all of your support and for invigorating my passion for my dissertation! I truly appreciate your curiosity and encouragement.

– Warmly, Karima J., University of Toronto

Honestly (and feel free to use this as a testimonial) today’s session really helped me get back on track. As I mentioned, I’ve not had any motivation these past few weeks for this chapter, but after our call, I did everything I mentioned above. It’s been a good day.

– Simon T., Dalhousie University

I would likely have not finished my dissertation without Dr. Cara’s help. She was motivating and encouraging without being pushy or negative. She supported my writing goals, provided direction and gave me emotional support. Regular calls with Dr. Cara helped focus my writing into manageable blocks of time, enabling me to complete individual sections and eventually complete chapters.

– Mark D., USC

Dr. Cara was strict, kind, patient, insightful, and understanding. I felt like she was personally committed to helping me as an individual. Her interest in me translated into a desire on my part to focus and work through difficult sections of my dissertation. She listened and continually made thoughtful comments that challenged and forced me to clarify what I had written previously.

The greatest compliment, I think, is that the work that I produced with her help was ultimately accepted by my committee and allowed me to graduate! Thank you! Thank you!

– David Dayton, Steven Green School of International and Public Affairs

Dr. Cara provided insight into how to prepare my project and helped me to develop necessary research skills, supported with her wealth of experience. She was quick to respond to any issues and went the extra mile to assist me throughout while allowing me to develop my own ideas, approaches and skills.

I can honestly say that without the support I received from Cara, my final project would not have been anywhere close to what I was able to achieve. Knowing that there was a person with extensive experience in research and the desire to see me succeed to my full potential really pushed me to stay on track and improve my capabilities. I recommend Dissertation Complete Coaching to anyone embarking on their post-graduate level research project and dissertation.

– Gemma S., Middlesex University

After recovering from an illness, I need help jumpstarting my writing routine when I fell out of practice. I reached out to Dr. Cara Weston and we worked together to develop a plan to improve my writing productivity. We discussed writing strategies during our sessions, but more importantly, we worked on how to incorporate scholarship into my daily life.

– Jason M., University of Toronto

Entering the final year of my PhD program, I had lost the belief that I could ever finish my dissertation. I was completely blocked and the stress was unbearable. Working with Dr. Cara Weston-Edell, week to week, month to month, was the single catalyst that turned everything around for me. The words started coming again, my thoughts became clearer, and my confidence grew.

Cara’s coaching included specific feedback on the content, structure, and direction of my dissertation, as well as best practices on how to navigate the end stages of a doctoral program. Most importantly for me, Cara was an indispensable dialogue partner. Her useful insights and probing questions, her empathy and humor, kept me engaged, reignited my passion for the project, and held me accountable as I genuinely looked forward to our weekly conversations.

I give my highest recommendation for Cara’s services and only wished I’d contacted her sooner.

– Austin R., Dublin City University

Dr. Cara, I have just handed it in and I have finally completed this journey! Just wanted to thank you for all your help through this process. I really appreciated it – you kept me motivated to get to the end.

All the best,

– Dean M., University of Manchester

Dr. Cara,

I pushed hard and I have a defense date of 4/16. Hoping for the best! I will let you know how it goes… your support was instrumental.

[One month later:]

Hi again, Dr. Cara,

I just wanted you to know I completed my degree. Thank you so much for your support.

– Mara M., Columbia University


Hello Dr. Cara,

Your guidance to prepare me for the defense of my dissertation was very helpful. Your positive feedback really gave me a good idea of what dissertation defence entails. It went great and now I have earned my doctorate. Thanks for your guidance.
– Egbert Azaria, North Central University

When I contacted Cara I was coming to the end of my dissertation and had lost my confidence in my research and writing. I knew what I had to do but I couldn’t seem to get the words down on paper and when I did I immediately erased them or spend a day changing a sentence.

Talking with Cara every week became a safe space without judgement that allowed me to voice  my concerns and ask all the silly questions I was too embarrassed to ask my busy supervisors. In turn, Cara asked me questions that helped me focus upon the message I was trying to convey and why what I had to say was important. This process gave me confidence in my work and writing ability so I could move forward and pass my PhD. 

– Kerrie P., Brock University


Cara is exceptional at what she does! Even after our first call, I felt more motivated to write my final thesis. We laid out a well-thought out plan to tackle each sub-topic efficiently without missing the bigger picture. Cara is highly professional and a great listener who knows how to transmit her years of experience without any judgement. I highly recommend her!


– Juan Arias, Lisbon School of Economics and Management, Portugal


Since January I have been working with Dr. Weston-Edell to get me onto a path of completing the dissertation.  What I ultimately needed was consistency and clarity. Despite having published articles, a book chapter and reports, it was almost as if the dissertation was eluding me; however, I am close to completion because of the help of Dr. Cara Weston-Edell. A schedule was established each week to meet on designated days, review/discuss the work that was assigned and create a plan for moving forward. What I appreciated the most about Cara was that she was always honest with me about my progress and challenges.

I also appreciated her consistency:  she never missed a meeting, was always punctual, and was always positive. Moreover, the way she helped me to think through the details of my writing was second to none. I switched advisors when I began working with Cara, which essentially meant that I had to start my entire dissertation over. This was not only frustrating, but time-consuming. With each chapter we would strategize about what it would take to move forward, which included: outlining the chapters, updating the lit review, writing development, reading articles, etc. Cara made the tasks not only manageable, but ensured I was confidently moving in the right direction. Throughout our entire time working together, I was confident that she genuinely cared about me finishing. I am currently working on my last chapter to complete a full draft and move forward to a defense date. Simply put:  If it were not for Dr. Weston-Edell I would have given up a long time ago. 

– Brian Woodward, University of Southern California

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